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SSMU Candidates 2014-2015

Credits: Ben Bensoussan, Anna Savittieri

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Meet your SSMU Candidates!...

A Short Piece on Exotic Dancing

Credits: Anna Savittieri, Tatyana Olal, Charlotte Delon

1.18K Views2 Comments

TVM speaks to Montreal dancers to uncover some lesser known aspects of the biz. **This piece contains nudity. It does not reflect the views of TVM or its members.**...

Interview with Dr. Éliane Ubalijoro

Credits: Amy Kim

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As a part of their "Africa: Next Generation" convention, McGill African Student's Society (MASS) held a panel discussion on the role of women in Africa's future. We sat down with one of the panelists, Professor Éliane ...

McGill International Food Festival

Credits: Amy Kim, Charlotte Delon, Nicholas AG, Erika Loyola Andrade

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TVM covered this year's International Food Festival!...

On The Line with David P. Stein: Episode 7 – Ken Dryden


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Prior to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, David P. Stein sat down with Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender, prolific author, politician, lawyer, and professor, Ken Dryden....

The Return of Norman Cornett

Credits: Nicholas G.A., Daniel Moczula

983 Views1 Comments

Unorthodox Teaching Methods...

Canadian Conference Women in Physics

Credits: Mattthew Robert

2.44K Views0 Comments

Career Paths and Life Changes...

Med Life McGill

Credits: Tatyana Olal

849 Views0 Comments

Learn a bit about Med Life McGill

Best Buddies at McGill

Credits: Charlotte Delon, Adam Pickersgill

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Learn more about the best buddies program!

MISC Presents: Petrocultures

Credits: Sara Alfaro-Deghani, Charlotte Delon

215 Views0 Comments

Natural Resources v. Natural Resources...

Women in House 2013

Credits: Anna Savittieri, Amy Kim, Tatyana Olal, Shannon Melizan, Tanya Qadir

329 Views0 Comments

TVM attends the McGill Women in House speaker series including Etana Cain, Jill Vickers, Alithia Raj, and Isabel Metcalfe...

Montreal Bitcoin Embassy

Credits: Amy Kim

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TVM visits the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy, exploring various topics on the cryptocurrency....

Divest McGill Rally

Credits: Sophie Blais, Chantal Africa

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On November 6th, environmental activist group Divest McGill organized a bicycle rally on McGill campus, advocating for the university to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry.   ...

Discussion on McGill’s Sexual Harassment Policy

Credits: Anna Savittieri, Tatyana Olal, Joey Haar

207.69K Views0 Comments

A critique of McGill's Sexual Harassment Policy by Joey Shea and Katie Larson. &nb...

MASS Presents – UJAMAA: We Are One

Credits: Azaria Estifanos, Akaolisa Akaraiwe

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MASS brings you dishes, languages, and bow ties from across Africa....

SSMEWS Episode V

Credits: Charlotte Delon, Alfred Katule

1.10K Views0 Comments

SSMEWSin' and a Cruisin'...

SSMEWS Episode 4

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Becky Arenas, Adam Pickersgill, Sarah Dick

2.22K Views0 Comments

Now with Monsters! Have fun at 4 floors! SSMEWSIN' for a Bruisin'...

Montreal International Black Film Festival

Credits: Amy Kim, Tatyana Olal

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