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FOKUS 2011: Remembery

Credits: Daniel Beresh

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2011 FOKUS Film Festival Experimental Entry. Do you remember?

FOKUS 2011: Truth and Fiction: The Making of Forgotten Intentions

Credits: Max Lanocha, David Zangwill, Danny Shapiro, Paul Sara

333 Views1 Comments

2011 FOKUS Film Festival Fiction Entry. As one student filmmaker gears up for his first major production, his roomate decides to document the process.

FOKUS 2011: Fight of the non-perishables: A Stop Canimation

Credits: Kyle Godden

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2011 FOKUS Film Festival Animation Entry. The touching story of a rag-tag group of non-perishables that dared to dream.

FOKUS 2011: Friday 9PM

Credits: David Zangwill, Micah Dubinsky, Marie Minio

664 Views1 Comments

2011 FOKUS Film Festival Fiction Entry. Getting ready for a night out on the town, a young woman experiences an unwanted epiphany.

FOKUS 2011: Swarm

Credits: Beansie Saretsky, Kate Bass

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2011 FOKUS Film Festival Animation Winner. I always thought pomegranates had a vaguely unsettling beauty.

FOKUS 2011: The Gospel of Evul(va)lution

Credits: Natania Marcus, Kelsey White

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2011 FOKUS Film Festival Animation Winner. A whimsical exploration of our origin.

FOKUS 2011: Excess of Love (Remix) – Winner Best of the Fest

Credits: Matt Stern, Charly Feldman, Jake Hayden

526 Views1 Comments

2011 FOKUS Film Festival Best of the Fest Winner. Words & Music by Matt Stern. © 2011 All Rights Reserved. Produced by Ben Silver with Matt Stern. Directed by Charly Feldman with Jake Hayden. Mixed by Jean-S...

FOKUS 2011: The Party – Winner Best Fiction

Credits: Dhani Caro, Gregorio Rebunal

399 Views0 Comments

2011 FOKUS Film Festival Fiction Winner. An afternoon text and he’s ready to go! The thrill of the night beckons him! The music, the lights, the actions! He’s gotta get into gear and play his A-game! Tonight’s a pa...

FOKUS 2011: 925/927 – Winner: People’s Choice and Best 72-Hour

Credits: Charly Feldman, Alex Seltzer, Meg Cramer

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2011 FOKUS Film Festival 72-hour Filmmaking Competition and People's Choice Winner. Three strangers navigate a world in which technology compresses time and space, but does this distortion connect or isolate people...

FOKUS 2011: XTC – Winner Best Experimental

Credits: Daphnee Vasseur

440 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2011 Experimental Category Winner. Animation film about generic adolescence.  

FOKUS 2011: Connections

Credits: Adam Pickersgill, Austen Eagleson

347 Views0 Comments

2011 FOKUS Film Festival Entry. A couple born out of a party-based love at first sight tries to keep their relationship through a technology based relationship.

FOKUS 2010: Chautauqua

Credits: Charly Feldman, Nicole Zeng, Arthur Cormon, Tang Liu

323 Views0 Comments

FOKUS Film Festival 2010: Experimental film submission

FOKUS 2010: dj capslock

Credits: Jake Heller, Katie Burrell

390 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2010 Best of the Fest & Viewers' Choice winner: dj capslock comes from EU to learn English and North American culture

FOKUS 2010: Steward White & the Seven Whores

Credits: Alex Brown

282 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2010 Comedy Submission

FOKUS 2010: Happiness as only Celluloid can Deliver

Credits: Daniel Beresh

320 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2010 Submission for Fiction

FOKUS 2010: sour apple

Credits: Mik Rubin, Jake Hayden, Vanessa Hari, Alex Seltzer, Molly Bower

379 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2010: 72-Hour Filmmaking Competition submission

FOKUS 2010: Goliath

Credits: Sean Husband

360 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2010 Experimental Video Category Winner, The Beauties - Goliath Music Video

FOKUS 2010: Sebastian Goes to Work

Credits: Rosa Aiello, Luke Neima

363 Views0 Comments

FOKUS 2010 Animation Submission

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