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Calliope Meets Frank

Credits: Danaka Mausner, Laura Jarescni

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Calliope Meets Frank by composed and performed by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas. Short film completed by Danaka Mausner for Laura Risk's fiddle course at McGill University. Audio used with special permission of ...

Dancing Girls Ep. 2: Leo Gets Friendly with the Foreign Girl

Credits: Jade Alfaro, Charlotte Delon, Josee Belzil, Maria Sartzetaki, Anastasia Sartzetaki, Genevieve Bergeron, Steven Kouts

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French cousin overstays her welcome and seduces the neighbour Leo. Ana feels threatened and Charlie decides they should all go on a trip. Directed and shot by Jade Alfaro & Charlotte Delon. Wardrobe and Makeup by ...



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2014 Fokus Festival Winner "People's Choice"...

Dancing Girls Ep. 1: Charlie Makes Breakfast


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A short film directed by Sara Jade Alfaro and Charlotte Delon. An unexpected visitor arrives, part one of four.  ...

Cold Sex

Credits: A film by Courtney Kassel an Benjamin Bensoussan, Starring Lillian King and Joey Haar, Director of Photography Benjamin Bensoussan, Sound by Andrej Gomizelj, Edited by Eric Tawagi

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Sex is a dish best served cold....

Let’s Do Something (That You’ll Regret)

Credits: Daniel Lombroso, Jade Alfaro, Charlotte Delon, Erika Loyola Andrade, Daniel Moczula, Matthew Robert, Anna Savittieri

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Crawford Smith regrets nothing.

Late: A One Minute Short

Credits: Cedric Yarish

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Love can wait one minute....

TVM Features Promo

Credits: Jade Alfaro, Charlotte Delon, Mathew Robert, Cedric Yarish

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TVM's Features department holds its first brainstorm session of the year, exploring the world of production and possibilities....


Credits: Becky Arenas, Sarah Leitner

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Becky and Sarah 'whip' the TVM Exec into shape....

Breaking the Silence of a Survivor

Credits: Cedric Yarish, Spencer Macnaughton

17.89K Views2 Comments

An interview with Sarelle, a social work student at McGill, who talks about her individual experience as a rape survivor. She discusses the experience itself, her interactions with the police and her family, ...

Slow Burn Teaser Trailer

Credits: Jade Alfaro

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Take a quick look of TVM's first feature film Slow Burn (directed by Sara Jade Alfaro) in this teaser trailer!...

The Office

Credits: Sarah Leitner, Chelsea Keen

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Found footage put together in an attempt to explain the strange events leading up to the disappearance of two of TVM's most adored members....

Valhalla: A Movement to Build a Sustainable Community

Credits: Gabi Goszczynska, Sandra Lam, Valhalla Footage

1.53K Views5 Comments

A group of friends are working on transforming sixty acres of land just outside of Montreal into a thriving 100% sustainable and off-the-grid community. To find out more visit

Gatsby: The Next Generation

Credits: Jade Alfaro, Sandra Lam, Rachel Resnik, Becky Arenas

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A modern day adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby....

Uppers: Episode 5 (Series Finale)

Credits: Daniel Beresh, Louis Lampcov, Molly Bower, James Lock, Ian Macphee Jade Alfaro, Andrew Zadel, Fred Nguyen, Kallee Lins, Rebecca Babcock

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How will it all end?...

Uppers: Episode 4


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Brandi hatches a plan to take the journalist down....

Uppers: Episode 3

Credits: Andrew Zadel, Fred Nguyen, Kallee Lins, Rebecca Babcock, Hannah Siden, Anna Gordon, Emma Jansen, Rachel Resnik, Cameron Oram, Vanessa Serandour-Allaire, Alex Borodowski, Daniel Beresh, Carlin Tedesco, Meghan McNeil, Laura Payne-Smith, Louis Lampcov, Nathalie Klinck, Jade Alfaro, Robert Newton, Molly Bower, Victor Tangermann, Alex Rivers, Lila Weintraub, James Lock, Ian Macphee, Julie Santini

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There's a great new pill for these kinds of nights....


Credits: Anna Saviettieri, Jake Spitzer, Daniel Carter, Hannah Sinclair, Darrell de Lara, Adam Pickersgill

551 Views1 Comments

The pilot episode of TVM's new show, Self-Centered, starring Anna and Jake. ...

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