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Artist Profile: Kosisochukwu Nnebe

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Anna Savittieri

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Interview with Kosisochukwu Nnebe on her installation at The Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Introducing Mile End

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Aya Schechner, Anna Savittieri

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Located just north of the Montreal plateau, the Mile End is a neighbourhood known for its art scene and cultural diversity. TVM visits a few of it's best known businesses and artistic hubs to sample the unique area.

Foodie McGill: Poutine Week Edition

Credits: Amy Kim, Charlotte Delon, Chris Middleton, Nicholas Gontier, Andrea Schweitzer

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We love poutine! Featuring restaurants Fabergé, Frites Alors, La Banquise, Royal Phoenix Bar, and Imadake

TVdraMa – On the Set: AUTS Presents The Drowsy Chaperone

Credits: Andrej Gomizelj, Iris Coates McCall, Erika Loyola Andrade, Courtney Kassel

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Local theatre 'expert', Courtney Kassel explores the set of AUTS' most recent production, The Drowsy Chaperone.

TVdraMa – On the Set: Players’ Theatre Presents All My Sons

Credits: Andrej Gomizelj, Erika Loyola Andrade, Courtney Kassel

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Local theater 'expert', Courtney Kassel explores the set of Players' Theatre most recent production, All My Sons.

Foodie McGill: Desserts

Credits: Amy Kim, Matthew Henderson, Cedric Yarish, Alfred Katule, Andrea Schweitzer

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"Dessert" has two Ss because it's sweeter than the desert.

Making People Smile

Credits: Cedric Yarish, Keegan Boulineau, Amy Kim

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In the spirit of helping us all get through finals, we gave out some Ferrero Rochers and Hugs in the McGill Buildings of McLennan and in Engineering. We really loved seeing all of these smiles. Video Editing by ...

Mind Reading Prank


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We offered a fun little break from exams to the students in the McLennan Library. It's an experiment where we pretend to read minds.

Holding Hands


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I wanna hold your ha-a-and.

Stylin’ at McGill: Soccer Team Edition

Credits: Amy Kim, David Stein, Andrea Schweitzer, Lexy Siegel

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TVM interviews the McGill Redmen Soccer team about their style. Check these well-dressed and good-looking boys out!

Introducing the Redpath Museum Club

Credits: Tatyana Olal, Matthew Robert, Andrea Schweitzer

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The RMC executive team shows you around the coolest museum on campus

Let’s Do Something (That You’ll Regret)

Credits: Daniel Lombroso, Jade Alfaro, Charlotte Delon, Erika Loyola Andrade, Daniel Moczula, Matthew Robert, Anna Savittieri

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Crawford Smith regrets nothing.

Montreal Coffee Hunt: Episode 1 ~ Arts Cafe

Credits: Christina Wood, Giulliana Mazzetta, Lauren Tessaro

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On a mission to discover Montreal's best coffee, TVM ventures to the delightful Arts Cafe in the Mile End

TVdraMa – On the Set: Players’ Theatre Presents The Tempest

Credits: Andrej Gomizelj, Iris Coates McCall, Courtney Kassel

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Courtney Kassel explores the set of Players' Theatre most recent production, The Tempest.

TVM Interviews Shad

Credits: Amy Kim, Darrell De Lara, Anna Savittieri, Dafe Oputu

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TVM interviews Canadian rapper Shad about his new album, hip hop, and more! We love you Shad!  

Foodie McGill: Vieux Port Edition

Credits: Amy Kim, Andrea Schweitzer, Becky Arenas, Nicolas Gontier

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Foodie McGill explores a few special restaurants in Old Montreal.

Listen to This: Islands

Credits: Gabi Goszczynska, Zoma Maduekwe

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Discover new music! TVM sits down with indie rock band, Islands before their show at Il Motore in Montreal. Check out tracks from their recently released 5th LP, Ski Mask:

MontréaLive: The Femmaggots

Credits: Sarah Leitner, Sasha Crawford-Holland, Dan Moczula, Julia Edelman, Molly Bower

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TVM + CKUT + Femmaggots.

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