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Foodie McGill: Vegetarian Edition

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Amy Kim, Becky Arenas

2.11K Views1 Comments


Foodie McGill: Food Truck Edition

Credits: Nicholas G.A., Amy Kim, Darrell de Lara

1.96K Views0 Comments

Food on the road....

POP Montreal: Charlotte Day Wilson

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Duncan Hood

1.53K Views0 Comments

TVM talks to Charlotte Day Wilson after her show at POP Montreal. Click here to watch The WAYO's live session!...

OAP: The Best Video on Earth

Credits: Nicholas G.A.

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Stylin’ at McGill: Toronto Edition

Credits: Amy Kim, Christin Wood

467 Views0 Comments

TVM looks at the street style of trendy Toronto during TIFF to reveal this season's most popular Fall fashion....

TVM + TIFF: When Jews were Funny, An Interview with Alexis Grieve


453 Views0 Comments

TVM talks to Alexis Grieve, associate producer of When Jews Were Funny, a documentary that explores the intersections between Jewish identity and the North American entertainment industry....

TVM + TIFF: Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres’ 100th Anniversary

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Amy Kim

367 Views0 Comments

TVM stops by The Elgin Winter Theatre in Toronto for its 100th anniversary....

Something Necessary, A Conversation with Judy Kibinge

Credits: Amy Kim, Sasha Crawford-Holland

333 Views0 Comments

TVM sits down with Judy Kibinge, director of "Something Necessary" at TIFF 2013....

TVM goes to TIFF

Credits: Joey Isadore Harr

298 Views0 Comments

TVM hits the road to cover all the TIFF happenings!...

Foodie McGill: Public Market Edition

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Amy Kim, David Stein

551 Views0 Comments

Join Foodie McGill as we explore all that Montreal has to offer in produce, cheese, et accents....


Credits: Becky Arenas, Sarah Leitner

912 Views0 Comments

Becky and Sarah 'whip' the TVM Exec into shape....

McGill Music- Cinéma L’amour

Credits: Sarah Leitner, Chantal Africa

787 Views0 Comments

Things get loopy with this rock duo. Band: Cinéma L'amour Song: Oh So Much

Local Natives Interview

Credits: Julia Edelman, Dan Moczula, Gabi Goszczynska , Matt Bobkin

502 Views0 Comments

TVM interviews Local Natives....

McGill Music – Busty & the Bass

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Matt Bobkin, Sarah Leitner

2.67K Views0 Comments

TVM goes back to the Rez Life with jazz ensemble Busty & the Bass....

McGill Music – Demiel and the Wayward Pines

Credits: Sarah Leitner, Chelsea Keen

984 Views0 Comments

Café Santropol hosts Demiel and the Wayward Pines for the first ever outdoors McGill Music session!...

McGill Music – BodyShakes

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Sarah Leitner

844 Views0 Comments

BodyShakes gets sciency in the lab with TVM and CKUT in this exclusive session. Song: Aye, Aye, Aye Website:

McGill Music – The WAYO

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Sarah Leitner

1.21K Views1 Comments

The WAYO, a experimental jazz band based in Halifax, cooked up a special session for TVM and CKUT. Song: Hosstage Website:

2013 Fokus Film Festival Grey Spotted Carpet Footage

Credits: Benjamin Bensoussan, Jon Hudson, Rachel Resnik, Dan Moczula, Sasha Crawford-Holland, Andrej Gomizelj, Sarah Leitner

556 Views0 Comments

Meet the stars, watch the films, smell the popcorn, all over again. Jon Hudson, Benjamin Bensoussan, and Rachel Resnik host the 2013 Fokus Film Festival....

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