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Frosh on Sports

Credits: David P. Stein, Caroline Hurtubise, Ben Koring, Nancy Ferranti, Cedric Yarish, Erika Loyola Andrade

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Our Sports team meets McGill's new students as they enjoy Frosh on campus during Orientation Week! See what the first year students at McGill have to say about their favourite sports! ...

Rad Frosh – 2014

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Courtney Kassel, Joyce Siu, Nicole Ahn, Tatyana Olal

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TVM checks out Rad Frosh - 2014!...

OAP Line Trivia

Credits: Erika Loyola Andrade, Andrej Gomizelj, Lou Gatti

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Our resident "man-on-the-street", Lou Gatti, patrols the line of OAP testing students on their knowledge of McGill trivia, through straight forward questioning, and a brand new game, "Alumni or 'Alum-not'"....

Gold Medalist, Jennifer Heil on the Line with David Stein

Credits: David P. Stein, Luke Orlando, Nadia Hoecklin, Andrea Schweitzer, Nicolas A. G.

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Recently, TVM's own David P. Stein sat down with Canadian freestyle skier, Jennifer Heil. In addition to capturing a gold medal at the 2006 winter Olympics in Turin, and a silver medal at the 2010 olympics in Vancouver, ...

Thank You, from OAP


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The managers of OAP would like to thank all the volunteers, sponsors, bands, and those who came out. The best place on earth would not have been possible without all your support. See you next year at OAP Lite!...

Welcome to McGill

Credits: Matt Henderson, Courtney Kassel, Matthew Robert

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New McGill students introduce themselves and share their excitement, as TVM welcomes them to their first year at McGill University. Music : Cult Classic ...

Open Air Pub – McGill EUS’ OAP


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TVM brings you a sneak peak of the best place on Earth, OAP. This 2014 OAP is running from August 25th to September 5th, Mondays to Fridays. We hope you are enjoying it! Music : The Ashleys...

On The Line with David Stein: Episode 11


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Booby Trap: One Greeting Card At A Time


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Can You Help? – A Fully Interactive Mental Health Challenge


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Cedric here, I just want to emphasize that you probably won't win on your first attempt, and that the right answer is my opinion and not an infallible declaration. The idea is to inspire hope that these issues will ch...

Bits Episode 4: Procreation


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Sugar for Brains presents: Skeletonic

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer

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Skeletonic is Sugar for Brains' inaugural art exhibition at Cinema du Parc championing emerging talent and featuring over 55 pieces by more than 30 artists. You can check out Sugar for Brains at https://www.facebook.c...

Foodie McGill: Taverne F

Credits: Amy Kim, Andrea Schweitzer

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Foodie McGill takes you to the heart of Places des Arts, exploring a new trendy restaurant called Taverne F....

Features Screening Promo

Credits: Cedric Yarish

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You're invited to TVM's feature's screening, where several TVM execs and general members are showcasing their work. It's on Wed Apr 30th at 7PM at Cinema du Parc. Cover is $3. Music by Keegan Boulineau (Love Runs O...

On The Line Episode 10: Dick Irvin


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TVM Presents: The Court [digital] Opening Vernissage

Credits: Aya Schechner, Tatyana Olal, Luke Orlando, Chris Middleton

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TVM had the pleasure of attending Bright White Light, the opening vernissage for the brand-new, Montreal-based digital magazine - The Court [digital]. The Court [digital] seeks to explore, connect and inspire by metic...

[TVM All-Nighter 2014] – 10 Ways To Know You’re Reading Too Many Buzzfeed Articles

Credits: Written and Directed by Julia Edelman, Director of Photography Joey Haar, Starring Abby Salzberg, Matthew Robert, Joey Haar, Julia Edelman, Edited by Julia Edelman

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You'll never believe what your vomit says about you! Watch this video to find out!...

[ TVM All-Nighter 2014 ] – SSMU Detective

Credits: Written and Directed by Matthew Henderson, Make-up by Erika Loyola Andrade, Starring Adam Casole-Buchanan and Ben Soussan

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Well you don't pick your parents, and you don't pick your classes if you waited until the last day of add/drop....

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