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Deregulation of International Tuition

Credits: Arvaa Balsara, Sharon Xie

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As McGill pushes to completely deregulate international tuition, TVM News investigates the effects on the student body....

NOBE McGill Case Competition

Credits: John Wu

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TVM stops by the NOBE Case Competition to give you some coverage on the event and talk about the importance of Engineers in the modern business world....

The Flies

Credits: Oren Lefkowitz, Aliya Kitsakos, Brendan Leigh, Jonathan Milne-Skarzenski, Sean Lee, Jack Johnson, JG Debray

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The Flies follows the story of a young man who experiences the post break-up blues in the most spectacular and mercurial of fashions....


Credits: Lead Actress: Cara Krisman, Lead Actor: Alex Bankier, Director: Cedric Yarish, Head Writers: Lou Gatti, Chris Middleton, Director of Photography: Matthew Henderson, Titles Designer and Photographer: Wei Wei Lin, Editors: Cedric Yarish, Ian McNeice, Consultants: Eric Tawagi, George Popi, Areeb Butt, Idea by Ian McNeice, Music: My Elegant Redemption by Tim McMorris, Poison Tree by Moby, Don't Love Me (with Inyang Bassey) by Moby

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Winner of Best 72hr Film at the Montreal Fokus Film Festival "It was supposed to be a normal subway ride." ...

Foodie McGill: A Culinary Tour Of Saint Henri

Credits: Produced and Directed by Andrea Schweitzer, Edited by John Wu, Crew: Kristen Philippi and Kei Monroe

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Located in the south-west of Montreal, Saint Henri is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood that is full of life and culture. Our Foodie McGill crew visited three restaurants in the neighborhood where we chatted with owners...

The Language

Credits: JG Debray

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This is a short video I made for my Italian film class. It was supposed to be an homage to Antonioni, but it hasn't really amounted to anything. The songs used were shamelessly ripped from "The Eternal Sunshine of the...

Racial Identity on Campus: The Black Students’ Network

Credits: Sharon Xie, Jeffrey Li, Ana Maljkovic

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TVM News speaks to McGill University's Black Students' Network about their organization, their experiences on campus and beyond, and racial identity....

Studious Behaviour – Episode 3

Credits: Lou Gatti, Ian McNeice, Clark Bray, Cedric Yarish, Alex McIntosh, Erika Loyola, George Popi, Connor McCann, Will Stanton, David Helps, DJ Mausner, Emily Bilton

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In the search for Mike Tyson, Shane visits Old Man Myers with Leigh and Rebecca. In the meantime, Keith gets a little #studious on his own....

Cultural And Theater Studies: Debate

Credits: Producer: Kristen Philippi and Liz McLellan, Editor: Kristen Philippi, Liz McLellan and Cedric Yarish

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A debate between Cultural studies and theatre studies students at McGill about film, theatre and industry icons.Cultural And Theater Studies: Debate...


Credits: Eric Tawagi, David Gaty, Steven Kouts, Sara Jade Alfaro, Ben Koring

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A young man attempts to fit in with his friends and roommate....

MontréaLive: Ari Swan

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Luke Orlando, Tatyana Olal, Lillian King, Alex Williams, Jessica Danielle Cohen

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TVM and CKUT recorded the latest MontréaLive session with Ari Swan at the historic Ukrainian Federation, featuring live projections by local artist Zuzu Knew....

Mosaica Presents Motus Illuminatum

Credits: Courtney Kassel

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TVM talks with Mosaica Dance Company about their latest show, Motus Illuminatum....

Questions of Femininity – Armenia and Canada

Credits: Sashka Avanyan

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A short documentary by Sashka Avanyan paralleling different understandings of femininity. In no way meant to be an accurate representation of Canadian or Armenian opinions as a whole....

MontréaLive: Duncan Hood

Credits: Tatyana Olal, Lillian King, Sasha Crawford-Holland, Andrej Gomezilj, Dan Moczula, Alex Williams, Stokely Diamantis

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TVM: Student Television at McGill and CKUT.FM present another video in the MontréaLive series with Duncan Hood at the Rialto Theatre!...

Fokus Film Festival 2015

Credits: Cedric Yarish, Erika Loyola Andrade

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FOKUS Film Festival is the only festival for student film at McGill University, hosted annually by TVM. This is a space for the showcase and celebration of McGill students’ original short films from a variety of genres. ...

Seeing Voices Montreal – Teaching People How to Sign

Credits: Cedric Yarish

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Seeing Voices Montreal taught students at the Gerts Bar a few words in American Sign Language to promote their upcoming play, the Little Mermaid. Edited by Cedric Yarish....

JSA Omatsuri

Credits: Kei Monroe, Andrea Schweitzer, "Candy" and "The Shine" by Jahzzar

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The Japanese Students Association (JSA) hosted their first Japanese festival, Omatsuri, in January at the SSMU Ballroom. TVM interviewed the organizers, Mikoto Nakajima and Sarah Swiderski, about the reasons and process ...

Savoy Society Presents: H.M.S. Pinafore

Credits: Emilie Doucet, Jeffrey Li, Kristen Philippi

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TVM interviews the cast and crew of McGill Savoy Society’s production H.M.S. Pinafore....

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