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JSA Omatsuri

Credits: Kei Monroe, Andrea Schweitzer, "Candy" and "The Shine" by Jahzzar

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The Japanese Students Association (JSA) hosted their first Japanese festival, Omatsuri, in January at the SSMU Ballroom. TVM interviewed the organizers, Mikoto Nakajima and Sarah Swiderski, about the reasons and process ...

Savoy Society Presents: H.M.S. Pinafore

Credits: Emilie Doucet, Jeffrey Li, Kristen Philippi

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TVM interviews the cast and crew of McGill Savoy Society’s production H.M.S. Pinafore....

McGill Students Fight Ebola

Credits: Daniel Dai

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McGill students come together and stand against Ebola....

Studious Behaviour – Episode 2

Credits: Lou Gatti, Ian McNeice, Clark Bray, Cedric Yarish, Alex McIntosh, Erika Loyola, George Popi, Connor McCann, Will Stanton, David Helps, DJ Mausner, Emily Bilton

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Rebecca's documentary is put on hold when she discovers that the guys are as trashed as their house. To make matters worse, the most important roommate has gone missing. #FreeMikeTyson...

The VEG Magazine Launch Party


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Back in November TVM attended The VEG Magazine launch party at Le Cagibi. There were poetry readings, live music, and more. To learn more about the featured writers of the current issue, about the VEG's editors, or about...

TVdraMa: AUTS Presents: Chicago

Credits: Courtney Kassel, Andrej Gomizelj

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TVM interviews the cast and crew of AUTS' most recent production, Chicago. Produced by: Courtney Kassel // Andrej Gomizelj...

McGill Students’ Chapter of

Credits: Erika Loyola-Andrade , Ana Maljković, Jacqui Geday

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Meet the McGill Students' Chapter of ! This student organization works to break down the stigma surrounding mental health through education, workshops & support for anyone in need. Check their Facebook page...

SNOWBLIND // A TVM Original Short


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An underground chemist develops a pill that lets users relive memories during their sleep. A film by French Elevators in collaboration with TVM. Selected at the 2014 Cannes Short Film Corner and critically acclaimed ...

Mohawk Girls

Credits: David P. Stein, Luke Orlando

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Recently, the creators of "Mohawk Girls" visited McGill to discuss and promote the premiere of their new show on the OMNI and APTN television networks. David P. Stein of TVM was lucky enough to sit down with Tracey Deer ...

Campus Life & Engagement

Credits: Adam Pickersgill

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Learn more!

Candlelight Vigil in Solidarity with Ferguson

Credits: Sharon Xie, Sajdeep Soomal

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The Black Student's Network of McGill held a candlelight vigil and peaceful protest on Lower Field, to show solidarity to on-going efforts in Ferguson, Missouri....


Credits: Daniel Dai, Jeff Li

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TVM stops by McGill MEDLIFE's MEDTalks event, to learn a bit about voluntourism, and how volunteering can influence the environment....

Introduction to the Comedy Department

Credits: D.J. Mausner, Lou Gatti, Eric Tawagi, Chris Middleton, Courtney Kassel, Luke Orlando, Cedric Yarish, Andrej Gomizelj

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TV McGill's NEW Comedy Department has been working towards a formula for the perfect laugh- and hilarity HAS ensued. The secret to comedy is just a click aws̝̹̠̞̫u҉̼̠̼͖a͝ṿ̙͙̮͞i̪̞͇͙s͞ ͙͔͉͝e̡̻̲̜̙̩̫̥s̱͍̟t ̯̼̖̣̥̳̱d̢̝͙͍̖̰ͅo͘...


Credits: Natasha Fontarensky, Katia Fontarensky, Jake Vertin

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This short film follows the story of a young couple running away to a small town in California, Shingle-town, with hope of a better and brighter future. ...

Wondergrads: Episode 1

Credits: Daniel Fishbayn, Matt Bobkin, Pam Austin, Azaria Estifanos, Max Katz, Jack Tokarz, John Michael Hanchar

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Sick and tired of hearing that your Arts degree is worthless? The WONDERGRADS say otherwise. In Episode 1, a philosophy major transforms into his superhero alter ego to help a student in the throes of an existential cris...

TVdraMa – On the Set: How Exile Melts

Credits: Andrej Gomizelj, Courtney Kassel

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Local theater ‘expert’, Courtney Kassel explores the set of The Department of English Drama & Theatre Program's most recent production, How Exile Melts...

TVM @ Pop Montreal: Telstar Drugs

Credits: Tatyana Olal, Chantal Africa, Sasha Crawford-Holland

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TVM interviews Telstar Drugs at Pop Montreal 2014....

Go With the Mo

Credits: Shannon Melizan, Joyce Siu, Ian McNeice, Ana Maljkovic

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Movember is a month long charity movement that aims to not only raise funds but start conversations about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. TVM sat down with members of McGill fraternities Alpha Sigma...

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