Credits: Kira Lienonen, Pamela Chiniah
Duration: 4:35
Posted: 06.25.10

Pamela from the Off Campus Housing Office answers some frequently asked questions about apartment hunting

  • Beth

    Hi Pamela,

    I’ve just moved into an apartment in the ghetto, and I’ve found that there’s a colony of Pharaoh ants in the wall and they’re visible… I’ve heard that this superintendent can be slow to respond…

    Is it possible to cancel the lease at some point down the road if the problem is not fixed as it could be posing a health hazard to myself?


  • Cathy Corcoran

    Hello Pamela
    My daughter and two of her friends are looking at a 3 bedroom apartment that has 3 maxmium persons allowed. However the front bedroom is large enough to share. Can they bring in a fourth person into the apartment without letting the landlord know to lower their rent costs?
    Thank you

  • Susan Witkowski

    My daughter will be studying abroad next January. Can she find a month-to-month rental from September through December? Isn’t it risky to sign a year lease and than have to find someone to sublet from January 2013 though August? What are her options?