Credits: Dan Lieberman, Tim Reyes, Dan Abrams, Kelly Baker, Nicole Zeng
Duration: 16:29
Posted: 06.4.10

Students have long had a sneaking suspicion that McGill’s grading policy is not the fairest system. TVMcGill investigates just what’s behind the the grading policies in the faculties of McGill.

  • Erryl

    I think this was a fantastic production! Students really are concerned about their grades and how they will affect their futures and this was a wonderful way to address that question. The interviews conducted were informative and revealing. They presented both sides of every argument from both students and administration and I thought were very fair to both parties. Nevertheless a resounding need for grade regulation was heard. My favorite part of this video was that you provided an easily accomplished solution to the problem, and brought it to the attention of student government. Thanks for such a great documentary on marks at McGill!

  • d

    LMAO at the arcade fire song playing over the guy talking about faculty of arts. wtf. that guy’s right though. stop worrying about every little point in your GPA and just do the school work. if university isn’t for you just go to work at a job.

  • e 4ZEE

    lmao maybe you mcgill students are not so hot as you think you are

    • J

      How is that at all what you gathered from this video. No need for your ignorant generalization, thanks though.

  • Graham

    For real? Blink-182? This ain’t middle school anymore.

  • Sriram

    Graham its not Blink 182 its angel and airwaves.

  • appl

    Is there a place to see the stats you found? I’d have liked to see more stats between the science degrees

  • Steven

    Hey, I just want to drop by and let you guys (TV Mcgill) know that I’m really impressed with this production. I’m sad we don’t see enough of TVM on campus.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Alex

    “There ARE people who get 3.8 GPAs…”

    -grins sheepishly-

    It seems to me as if everyone has 3.8+ GPAs…. or do I just hang out with too many geniuses?

    • Chris

      Maybe that was a rhetorical question, Alex, but you’re right — we are out there (considering all the misery I’ve undergone to earn it, I’m darn proud of my 4.0).

      Great documentary! Can only imagine the work that went into making those graphs and compiling stats.

  • Joanne

    Really interesting video, I enjoyed watching it! I just wanted to comment on the business student’s comparsion with grading compared to Ivey. in fairness to Ivey, Ivey is a second-level entry program and everyone who gets in has at least an 80% average. So their 84% standard (if that’s what it actually is) really isn’t that unreasonable when you consider that all students have already proved themselves as A-level students throughout their first two years at university.

  • Manuella

    Any news on the administration follow up promises?

  • Christopher

    I’m sorry but an 85% enforced average in any faculty and any department is WAY too high. Now I am not familiar with UWO grading policy, but this 84% seems absolutely ludicrous to me. Scanning the list from top to bottom and seeing political science at a 9% A distribution is enough to put even passionate people off. Many people will want to comprimise and since demanding an overhaul is too drastic for the administration to even consider, they will simply ask for an explanation. I however can’t stand by this comprimise and will do everything to demand a fairer grading policy.

    This documentary was very useful and well done. It pretty much changed the way I view my grades now. Very well done.

  • Vivek

    Excellent…puts out the facts (which we did not fully understand before) and outlines options for the future. As a parent of an international student this was very useful. Hope McGill works on the suggestions. Keep up the great work TVM!

  • John

    I think this production applies to many universities across the country and not just McGill. It is true many people do not pursue their dreams as their dreams are either to costly or impossible. I mean really you go to university for 4 years and come out broke. After that you must get into med school, law school etc… Is it really necessary to go through 8 years of post secondary education? Do universities really make you smart? I am not in McGill but i find i can easily get A’s in university by memorizing course content and repeating it back on the exam. I do not think this makes me any smarter as when i get a job in the real world my education will be useless. AS STATED IN THE VIDEO “Course selection becomes more about grades and less about passion” this is now sadly a reality. Wish i could become a doctor but seems it would just be easier to get business degree and start life.

  • Matt

    Great documentary!

  • Rachel

    Does anyone know where to find the statistics shown in the video (the documents)? As the video states, I can only find the law grade tables online. Thank you!