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Credits: 6:51

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Nostalgia is a TVMcGill drama piece about a young woman facing a difficult situation in an unfamiliar country. As she tries to cope with her regrettable decisions, she recalls a brighter past in her Romanian home town. ...

TVM + FNC: Space Noise 3D

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Cedric Yarish

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During this year's edition of Festival du Nouveau Cinema, TVM interviewed Makino Takashi, experimental filmmaker and creator of the Space Noise 3D performance....

Studious Behaviour: Episode 1

Credits: 10:39

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Les loses a bet, Rebecca starts the interviews, and the boys take the camera crew to a welcome back party. Studious Behaviour is a mockumentary following three campus celebrities who famously failed a marketing presen...

TVdraMa – On the Set: Players’ Theatre Presents Six Characters In Search of an Author

Credits: Andrej Gomizelj, Courtney Kassel

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Local theater ‘expert’, Courtney Kassel explores the set of Players’ Theatre most recent production, Six Character In Search of an Author....

MontréaLive: Busty & the Bass with Charlotte Day Wilson

Credits: Sasha Crawford-Holland, Tatyana Olal, Luke Orlando, Alex Williams

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TVM and CKUT went back to Busty's origins in the basement of Solin Hall, bringing you the newest MontréaLive session with Busty & the Bass featuring the vocals of Charlotte Day Wilson. For more: http://bustyandth...

Highdeas Promo

Credits: Courtney Kassel, Lillian King, DJ Mausner, Lou Gatti, Wei Wei Lin

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Talking identity theft, SSMU poops, and lighting up in the promo for Highdeas, a series about those moments of possible genius. Look out for Highdeas, coming soon....

Studious Behaviour Promo

Credits: Lou Gatti, Connor McCann, Will Stanton, David Helps, Dj Mausner, Clark Bray, Ian McNeice, Alex McIntosh, Cedric Yarish, Natasha Fontarensky, Chris Middleton, Andrej Gomizelj

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After a failed business presentation and copious amounts of social media portraying their failure, three students unknowingly become "campus celebrities" and the subjects of one ambitious film student’s documentary serie...

Thank You, from OAP


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The managers of OAP would like to thank all the volunteers, sponsors, bands, and those who came out. The best place on earth would not have been possible without all your support. See you next year at OAP Lite!...