About TVM

Broadcasting online and on closed circuit televisions across campus, it is the university’s outlet for student television and film media. Succeeding its role as a movie-making club throughout the ’90s, TVM was officially founded in 2001 as a SSMU media service. The organization has grown impressively over the past decade, acquiring a reputation for in-depth news coverage and innovative, exciting new programming. Winners of the 2003, 2006 and 2011 Service of the Year Award, as well as the 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2011 Website of the Year Award, TVM has garnered numerous accolades for its work. It regularly publishes stories relevant to the McGill community, whether it is news, arts, series or features. TVM also organizes an annual Fokus Film Festival to promote and showcase student’s films to the student community. Funding was mainly provided by SSMU, but after a student-initiated referendum motion that was successfully passed in March 2010, TVM is now supported directly from its own student funded levy.

Our 2013/2014 Exec Team:


President and Acting Arts Producer: Amy Kim

Executive Producer and Acting News Producer: Anna Savittieri

Chief Editor: Adam Pickersgill

VP Internal: Daniel Moczula

VP External: Chantal Africa

VP Finance: Ben Bensoussan

Technical Director: Andrej Gomizelj

Jade Alfaro: Features Producer

Joey Haar: Series Producer

Nicolas Gontier
Tatyana Achiro-Olal
Nancy Ferranti
Eric J. Tawagii
Jonah Ryan-Davis

Associate News Producers:
Ayotomiwa Oguntunde (Tomi)
Tanya Qadir
Joseph Gladilen

Associate Arts Producers:
Shannon Melizan
Andrea Schweitzer

Associate Series Producers:
Hannah Murphy
Becky Arenas
Evan Eames
Julia Edelman
Carlos M. Greaves
Courtney Kassel
D.j. Mausner
Matthew Henderson

Associate Features Producers:
Charlotte Delon
Matthew Robert
Cedric Yarish
Natasha Renée
Sangam Leonard Chouchan

Sound Design:
Keegan Boulineau
Chris Middleton

Victoire Scherer: Graphics and Animation
Aya Schechner: Social Media Director
Azaria Estifanos: Director of Graphics and Publishing
Erika Loyola Andrade: Production Designer
David P. Stein: Sports Producer
Luke Orlando: Associate Sports Producer

Office Hours for Winter 2014:

Stop by the TVM office in B-28 to talk to our administration and producers!

TVM Office Hours Winter 2014

Our Mission Statement:

TVM is a student run television station and production outlet that aims to become an intricate part of the McGill community. We, at TVM, work hard to provide entertainment and news for the McGill community. These are our objectives:

  1. To experiment and push the limits of student-produced new media and technologies.
  2. To teach the community about media production at the independent level.
  3. To produce high quality, student-based media content for its audience.
  4. To make TVM a representative of McGill student life.
  5. To entertain the McGill community through our content.