TVM @ POP Montreal

TVM @ Pop Montreal: Telstar Drugs

Credits: Tatyana Olal, Chantal Africa, Sasha Crawford-Holland

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TVM interviews Telstar Drugs at Pop Montreal 2014.

TVM @ Pop Montreal: Ken Park

Credits: Chantal Africa, Tatyana Olal, Sasha Crawford-Holland

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TVM interviews Ken Park at Pop Montreal 2014. Facebook: Soundcloud:

TVM @ Pop Montreal: CTZNSHP

Credits: Tatyana Olal, Chantal Africa, Sasha Crawford-Holland

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TVM interviews Jesse from CTZNSHP at Pop Montreal 2014. Bandcamp //      


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Allegedly at OAP

Credits: Erika Loyola-Andrade, Matthew Robert, Courtney Kassel

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TVM catches up with McGillians and their take on some of the hottest campus goss from last year! Rewind and refresh on your student news with our *very reliable* reporters while they scout around OAP! Special thanks ...

Studious Behaviour – Episode 3

Credits: Lou Gatti, Ian McNeice, Clark Bray, Cedric Yarish, Alex McIntosh, Erika Loyola, George Popi, Connor McCann, Will Stanton, David Helps, DJ Mausner, Emily Bilton

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In the search for Mike Tyson, Shane visits Old Man Myers with Leigh and Rebecca. In the meantime, Keith gets a little #studious on his own.

TVM Sports

Sports Writer, Dave Stubbs, On the Line with David Stein

Credits: David P. Stein, Luke Orlando, Ben Koring, Nadia Hoecklin, Nicolas A. G.

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Recently, TVM's Head Sports producer David P. Stein sat down with Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette. They spoke about Dave's career as a sports columnist, and of course, the Montreal Canadiens.


MTL Digital Spring

Credits: Kei Munroe

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Music credits: "Scenarios" (album: All I Have) by REKchampa is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 US. "Vapours" (album: Empty Orchestra) by The OO-Ray is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. Exhibitions: Rouge Mékong - exhibit...

Mosaica Dance Company Presents: Motus Illuminatum

Credits: Andrea Schweitzer, Ana Maljkovic, Eric Tawagi, Kei Monroe

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Motus Illuminatum was Mosaica Dance Company's last show of the 2014-2015 season and it played March 12, 13 and 14th at the D.B. Clarke Theatre. The show featured the twenty talented members of Mosaica Dance Company, a...

Foodie McGill: A Culinary Tour Of Saint Henri

Credits: Produced and Directed by Andrea Schweitzer, Edited by John Wu, Crew: Kristen Philippi and Kei Monroe

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Located in the south-west of Montreal, Saint Henri is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood that is full of life and culture. Our Foodie McGill crew visited three restaurants in the neighborhood where we chatted with own...

Cultural And Theater Studies: Debate

Credits: Producer: Kristen Philippi and Liz McLellan, Editor: Kristen Philippi, Liz McLellan and Cedric Yarish

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A debate between Cultural studies and theatre studies students at McGill about film, theatre and industry icons.Cultural And Theater Studies: Debate


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Deregulation of International Tuition

Credits: Arvaa Balsara, Sharon Xie

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As McGill pushes to completely deregulate international tuition, TVM News investigates the effects on the student body.

Racial Identity on Campus: The Black Students’ Network

Credits: Sharon Xie, Jeffrey Li, Ana Maljkovic

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TVM News speaks to McGill University's Black Students' Network about their organization, their experiences on campus and beyond, and racial identity.


Majors – Nursing

Credits: Chantal Africa, Jade Alfaro, Erika Andrade, Benjamin Bensoussan, Darrell de Lara, Sarah Leitner, Matthew Robert, Andrea Schweitzer, Mengting Wang, Evan Eames

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TVM checks out the nursing department!

Majors – Anthropology & Archaeology

Credits: Evan Eames, Mengting Wang, Gabi Goszcynska, Laura Sang, Jade Alfaro, Adina Friedman, Darrell de Lara, Jitika Shah, Jason Weiner

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TVM checks out the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology!

TVM ALL-NIGHTER II: Hot Validation 4 U

Credits: Written, Directed and Edited by Dan Moczula, Starring Matt Bobkin, Lilian King, Joey Haar, Adam Pickersgill and Courtney Kassel

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We'll tell you everything you want to hear.

TVM ALL-NIGHTER II: How to Pull an All-Nighter

Credits: Matt Bobkin, Abby Salzberg, Andrea Schweitzer, Benjamin Bensoussan, Jon Hudson

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Running out of time before the big final? Here are some tips to help you pull that crucial all-nighter!

TVM ALL-NIGHTER II: Cash Elevator !

Credits: Written, Directed and Edited by Joey Haar, Ben Soussan and Nancy Ferranti, also starring Adam Pickersgill and Dan Moczula

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The only game where the more you know, the higher you go! Please play.



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For life is short, and so are these shorts. Part of the TVM All-Nighter!



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If you're going to be up all-night, do it in the coolest place on campus! Part of the Winter 2013 TVM ALL-NIGHTER!

TVM ALL-NIGHTER II: Sillycute Photoshoot


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Like grumpy cat in a santa hat. Carl attempts to teach you how to make Coq Au Vin. He gets sad. Watch the all-nighter LIVE NOW @